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How can I point out to you a band/DJ you may be interested in?

If you want to submit to us an artist you believe would suit Lumen Festival, just write an e-mail! Do the same if you are a musician or DJ and you want us to listen to your own show or DJ set. Lumen Festival has been specializing through the years in Indie pop / Electro / ItPop / Beats / Groovy tunes. We don’t usually feature cover bands nor tribute bands on our stage. Our goal is to entertain people, but more importantly to spread good original music. If you think you meet the above requirements, don’t hesitate to write us an e-mail!

How much is the ticket?

Up to the present day – with huge efforts – we’ve managed somehow to feature artists which elsewhere you would (deservedly) have to pay to listen to. The incredible work of our volunteers makes it possible to keep the festival going by asking only 2€ to those who decide to spend their night at Lumen. The few coins we collect are necessary to make a costly festival made by a crew of volunteers survive.

When do you open and close?

Given that we are a boutique festival at the core of the city centre,
hours are bound to regulations imposed by the city administration. Shows start at 7:00 PM and usually go on until 2:00 AM.
Lumen Festival is even nicer if you come early and see the transition from light to dark!

Lumen Festival features also a Desing Market
dedicated to creators who, thanks to their talent, are able to give birth to objects, articles and products of a peculiar nature. The more peculiar they are, the more interested we are. The Design Market goes from wednesday to sunday evening. If you are interested just send us an e-mail and we will provide you with further informationi.

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